Circuit Clerk

Cherry Govan

Cherry Govan
Circuit Clerk


101 North Washington
Suite 201
El Dorado, Arkansas 71730-5661
Phone: (870) 864-1940

Office Hours

M-F (8:00 am - 4:30 pm)

Closed Federal/State Holidays
with the exception of Columbus Day

Circuit Judges

David C. Graham - 1st Division
Ouachita County Courthouse
145 Jefferson SW, PO Box 763
Camden, AR 71701-0763
Phone: (870) 837-2272

Mary Thomason - 2nd Division
Union County Courthouse
101 N. Washington, Suite 203
El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: (870) 864-1937

Edwin A. Keaton - 3rd Division
Ouachita County Courthouse
109 Goodgame St.
P.O. Box 524
Camden, AR 71701-0524
Phone: (870) 231-9145

Jim F. Andrews - 4th Division
Union County Courthouse
101 N. Washington, Suite 303
El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: (870) 864-1947

David W. Talley, Jr. - 5th Division
407 N. Washington,
P.O. Box 785
Magnolia, AR 71754-0785
Phone: (870) 234-5760

Spencer Singleton - 6th Division
Union County Courthouse
101 N. Washington, Suite 205
El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: (870) 864-1968

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Public Court Connect

The Union County Circuit Clerk is accepting documents for e-flex lite filing. As of 3/21/2021 we accept non-monetary filings only through the e-filing "Lite" program.

Court Fees:

Court Cases

  • New - $165.00
  • Reopening - $50.00
  • Summons/Subpoenas - $2.50
  • Writs/Executions - $20.00
  • Judgments/LisPendens – $15.00 – First Page - $5.00 Each Additional Page
Recording Instruments:
Recording Fees:

Recording deeds, deeds of trust, mortgages, release deeds, powers of attorney, plats, survey plats, notary bonds, foreign judgments, writs of execution, writs of garnishment, materialmen’s liens, and other recordable documents:

  • $15.00 for one (1) page, one (1) side only, and
  • $5.00 for each additional page.
  • For recording mortgage assignments, mortgages releases, and other instruments when multiple instruments are listed in a single document, an addition fee of $15.00 per instrument listed not to exceed $300.00 shall be charged.
  • $8.00 for filing or recording a certificate of assessment.
  • If the recorder waives the requirements of the Arkansas Formatting Standards for good cause, the instrument may be recorded for an additional fee of $25.00.
  • Copies - $. 50 per page
  • Certified - $5.00
  • Authenticated - $15.00
Recording Standards:


Paper Size – 8 1/2" x 11"
Margins: 2 1/2" margin at top of first page, at least 1/2" margin on sides and bottoms of all other pages.

First Page Content –
Top right of the first page reserved for the recorder for the file mark and recording information. The first page must contain the following information:

  • Title of document
  • Name of Grantor and Grantee

All documents shall be acknowledged in accordance with Section 16-47-207.

All documents must be legible to be accepted.


The name and address of the person who, and the governmental agency, if any, which prepared the instrument must appear on the first page; the name is either printed, typewritten, stamped in a legible manner.


Fees for recording must be tendered before document is recorded.


The following statement must be stamped thereon or attached thereon, in a manner which will cause it to be recorded as a part of the instrument:

"I certify under penalty of false swearing that documentary stamps or a documentary symbol in the legally correct amount has been placed on this instrument."

Grantee or Agent for Grantee must sign statement.

Documentary Stamps are available at the Arkansas State Revenue Office and must be placed on the document and must be legible. Documentary Stamps are $3.30 per thousand dollars as pertains to the purchase price of the property.

For the property tax affidavit compliance form that is required by all property transfers, please go to the following link:

Electronic Document Recording Services

Union County is electronically recording (eRecording) land records. Documents that originate on paper, such as loan closing documents, are scanned and placed into their proper recording order. When fully integrated, the electronic document recording process takes only seconds.

Advantages of eRecording with Union County:
  • Reduced labor, materials, postage and courier costs
  • Shortened time gap to recordation
  • Fewer document errors and rejections
  • Elimination of payment errors on county fees
  • Increased security when sending and receiving documents
  • Improved tracking and filing of documents
  • Reduced consumption of fuel, electricity, and paper
  • How to get started
Union County accepts documents from:

Corporation Service Company (CSC) e Recording Solutions at

Simplifile eRecording at

eRecording Partners Network (ePN) at


Duties of the Circuit Clerk

Circuit clerks are elected officials who keep records for court cases. Clerks act as liaisons to the public in regard to judicial matters, answering questions about fines, payments, court appearances and warrants. Their clerical duties may include creating records and preparing dockets. These clerks may also act as financial officers and keep current records of payments. The circuit clerk also informs individuals of when they are scheduled to appear in court, as well as ensures that they understand the proceedings. Circuit clerks must keep accurate records of court cases in the event that they need to be revisited for court proceedings. Clerks in local courts also interact with members of the city or town council to develop agendas and bylaws.